Women's Nutrition - Kyle Byron - Toronto Nutritionist
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Women’s Nutrition




If you haven’t noticed yet, we have Renita, Victoria, and Katie on the team, if you prefer

to work with a woman as your coach. See the team page for more info.



Weight Loss

Successful weight loss means changing habits and mastering the art of consistency. We will help you change your relationship with food! Most of our clients do not have to count calories. Contact us with questions or book an Assessment to proceed. 

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Workday Warrior

You’re a high performing person but you think your nutrition game needs an upgrade. We can also help you with sleep, recovery, supplements, hydration, tracking, macros, and more. Book an Assessment with Katie or Kyle to proceed (or reach out with questions). 

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Pro/Serious Athlete

Eating well isn’t as easy as training twice a day. Let us help you optimize your nutrition for your sport. Customized advice and ongoing support. Contact us with questions or book an Assessment with Katie or Kyle to proceed. 


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IBS/Gut Health

We have helped many people with their digestive issues while the medical system has failed. Fixing gut issues is like being a detective. We would love to solve your case. Contact us with questions or book an Assessment with Doug or Victoria to proceed. 

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Hormones and Life Stages

Victoria is our Dietitian expert for women’s hormone health, from a nutrition perspective; including fertility, menopause, birth control health optimization, gut health, and more. She has a Masters Degree in functional nutrition. She helps women reduce negative symptoms and feel/perform better. 

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Customized Programs

If the above programs do not resonate with you, reach out to us to discuss your situation. Remember EVERYTHING we do is customized. Contact us with questions or book an Assessment to proceed. 

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