The Team - Kyle Byron - Toronto Nutritionist
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Meet the Team

Meet the Nutritionist and Registered Dietitians who will help you get results!

Kyle Byron

Nutrition Coach,
BSc Nutrition, Pn2


Weight loss
Muscle gain
Sports nutrition
Feeding children


Professionally, since 2006 I’ve conducted about 16,000 nutrition counselling sessions (about 2800 clients). I’ve got a BSc in Nutrition, and have worked in hospitals, clinics, and in fitness centres. I was a Personal Trainer for 10 years. Personally, I’m a dad, husband, and way back in the day I’ve played rugby, football, and competed in Jiu-Jitsu at 175 lbs and 195 lbs. Few in the business can match my experience.


I eat healthy about 80% of the time, and exercise regularly. But there was a time when I was completely lost and unhealthy. So maybe I’ve been through something like you’re going through.


See my full bio if you want to learn more about me. For testimonials, Google me and you’ll find my reviews.


Victoria Friscioni

Registered Dietitian
BSc Nutrition, MSc Nutrition


Women’s health
Digestive, Gut, IBS, etc.
Weight loss, Diabetes


Here are a few fun facts about Victoria:

– She comes from a traditional Italian family

– She absolutely loves blueberries

– Gut health and digestion are always on her mind

She’s also a Registered Dietitian with a Master’s degree in Nutrition, which menas she has “book-smarts” to help you, to go with the passion.

She’s also experienced the healing powers of nutrition through her own health struggles. A few years ago, she was sick, scared, and frustrated. She had terrible acne and painful gut issues.

She put her knowledge to work and conducted dietary experiments on herself. She changed her eating and documented symptoms. She figured out what foods were bothering her. She healed. She wants you to have life-changing experiences thanks to nutrition.

Please see her full bio to learn more about Victoria and her approach.


Doug Cook

Registered Dietitian
BSc, MSc Nutrition


Gut, digestion, IBS, IBD,
metabolic, mental health, supplements,
anti-aging, and much more


Doug has the most experience out of anyone on the team: 20+ years. His knowledge of nutrition science, metabolism, and biology is at the top of our field.

Doug’s coaching style is analytical, curious, and supportive. His earliest memories are of helping out in the kitchen. Few people his age can out-perform him in the gym. If there is a supplement that helps, he’s taking it.

He can take scientific concepts and translate them into simple nutrition instructions for his clients. He helps clients heal or improve major clinical issues (see below).

Doug does not offer weight loss coaching unless it is a side effect of a bigger metabolic issue (heart disease, diabetes, cancer, leaky gut, colitis, crohns, mental-health, or maximizing healthspan).

See his full bio to see the long list of conditions he treats.

Renita Lam

Registered Dietitian


Weight loss
Digestive, Gut, IBS, etc.
Eating disorders


** Currently on Maternity Leave**

Renita got into nutrition counselling for two main reasons: 1) to help others eat foods that they love while ALSO receiving proper nutrition for their goals; and 2) to have a socially acceptable reason to think and talk about food all day.


No matter where you are starting out, whether you are a high performance athlete or a busy parent with no idea what to make for dinner, Renita will meet you at that level and advance your nutrition.

Renita has worked in a variety of settings including private practice, medical clinics, fitness centres, and she teaches at U of T. Please see the testimonial below and her full bio to learn more about Renita.

Tracy On

Registered Dietitian
Masters Applied Nutrition, IOC Sports Nutrition


Sports Nutrition
Body Composition
Weight Loss
IBS, Diabetes


Tracy is our Sport Dietitian. She has a lot of credentials, most notably a Masters in Applied Nutrition and is working toward the International Olympic Committee Diploma in Sports Nutrition, which is overseen by the top scholars and researchers in the sports nutrition field.

Her goal with you is obviously to help you feel and perform your best while still enjoying food. Tracy has worked with a variety of populations including athletes, children and youth, adults, Indigenous populations, and individuals diagnosed with chronic diseases such as type 2 diabetes.

In her free time, you can find Tracy weight training, playing pickleball, spending time outdoors, reading, cooking up some delicious meals and treats on her Instagram, or watching the Leafs.


Read her full bio to learn more about Tracy.


Client Testimonial:

Renita is amazing. It took a lot for me to convince myself to start this process, and she set me at ease immediately. I noticed that she was quick to catch on to what made me tick, and crafted our meetings around that. I loved that she always asked if there were specific topics that I wanted to cover; ensuring that I got the most out of our meetings. I came out of my six-month program with new knowledge and motivation to keep my nutrition on track, and a year later I still feel her support when I am making food choices. Hire her! You won’t regret it!


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