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Personal Training

You probably have a goals that include improved energy and/or body composition. If so, exercise is a major part of your success.

There are many reasons to seek out a personal trainer. Some of our clients are new to exercise and want simple advice so they can get fast results, and be safe.

Some of our clients are advanced but injured, and need rehab advice and adaptive exercises to maintain their progress.

Some of our clients feel bored of their workouts, and need new ideas.

No matter your level, or what your goal is, our personal training services help you get faster results, and improve your chances of long-term success.

We offer personal training but not in the traditional sense of hundreds of sessions.

Instead, our goal is to help clients become more independent and efficient with exercise with a small number of sessions. We:

  • Help clients correct bad form
  • Provide simple but effective exercise programs
  • Help clients heal injuries faster
  • Give beginner clients confidence to go to the gym
  • Teach expert exercises new things they have never tried before
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Our Training Team Includes John and Kyle


John is an expert trainer and makes house calls all over the city. See his full bio here.

“I had a fat loss goal but was constantly injuring myself in the gym. After merely 2 sessions, John incorporated proper activation and stretching exercises into my warmup and modified some key movements. I haven’t injured myself once since then and have increased my strength across the board. I highly recommend John!”

Devyn B

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Kyle is an advanced trainer, but not as advanced as John, especially when it come to rehab, professional athletes, or octogenarians. Kyle rarely makes house calls and spends most of his time nutrition coaching. But some clients go to Kyle for advice on training.

You can book a free discovery call with Kyle or John to tell us your story and learn more.

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Custom Training & Nutrition Plans


Are you a man looking to get healthy and fit? Learn about programs for men.


Are you a woman looking to get healthy and fit? Learn about programs for women.

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