Nutrition for Children - Kyle Byron - Toronto Nutritionist
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Nutrition for Children

My child doesn’t eat perfectly, so I don’t expect yours to. But one thing I can boast about is that feeding our child is not a stressful situation, as it is for many families. We follow the recommended feeding guidelines based on our child’s age and stage, and it makes things a lot easier.

It’s not just about what we feed her, but how, when, and so on. There are so many interesting factors at play!

I want you to have peace of mind, and the child to have a great relationship with food.


The typical issues I help families resolve are:

  • Picky eating
  • Weight issues (underweight or overweight)
  • Child/youth athletes
  • Child allergy
  • Busy families

I’m clinically trained in this area and I I’ve worked with children of all ages. If you’re worried about your child’s eating, please tell me your story.

Want to learn more about what we’ll cover in our sessions?