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Our Community

Clients of Kyle Byron Nutrition have an online community.  It’s a part of our process because we know that successful clients need two things:

  1. Knowledge to facilitate their journey
  2. Support, because change is hard.  It can be from your coach or a community. The latter seems to be the more powerful of the two.

A community offers multiple perspectives and a social spirit that one-on-one coaching cannot provide. No offense to how great we are as coaches, but adding an online community is a tried and tested method to improve success of clients.

Think of anything great you’ve belonged to, like a winning team, a fun gym, a supportive church, a crazy bus tour, or even a cool job you’ve had – that’s a community. We end up achieving more than we could alone. We do things for each other. We lift each other up.

I don’t have a gym or a church. So I built an online community. Its only job is to help people succeed. And it works.

Join Today

“I like the accountability and the support. In one of the challenges, I put my goals out there. It’s me saying my goals publicly and that gives me a healthy pressure to follow through. One of my posts sparked a huge conversation from several members. I learned a lot.”

Susan C.

Here is how it helps our clients do better

  • You will have a constant connection to a group of people trying to do the same thing you’re trying to do. Whereas our coaching sessions are weeks apart
  • Not only are members active in supporting each other, I am the head moderator and I have several fitness professionals moderating as well. Real experts are there to nurture the conversation and provide technical expertise
  • There’s a resource library, so you can pick and choose what you want to learn about at your own pace
  • Get props for your achievements. Sometimes we need a high-five and maybe our roommates or kids don’t exactly care. We care! And you’ll do better
  • Stuck in a rut? Post about what’s going on and other members (and me and my team) will come to your rescue
  • We often have challenges that improve engagement and motivation
  • We do online webinars and group calls to teach, support, and network
  • We run training seminars and online workouts
  • Flexible engagement. You can participate ever day, or take a break and come back and see what’s going on
  • Clients are more likely to stick with their goals after graduating from coaching

“I got so much more out of the group call than I expected. I had no idea eating was so wrapped up in how we feel about lives, and how we can change those feelings to change how we eat.”

Dave W.

Getting Started

We’d love to have you. Ready to join? We’ll give you one month for free!

Join Today

You’ll land on a login page for a software called “circle” but you’ll see my logo so you know it’s me. Create a profile to get started or have a look at the walkthrough video to see how to get involved.

See you soon!