About Victoria - Kyle Byron - Toronto Nutritionist
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Victoria, Registered Dietitian

I am passionate about women’s health. I help women optimize their nutrition, lifestyle, hormones, and digestion. All of this can be specific to their goals and life phase.

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“Victoria is great. I feel SO much better. I love her special recipes and concoctions.”

Victoria’s Story

Here are a few fun facts about me:

  • I come from a traditional Italian family
  • I absolutely love blueberries
  • Gut health and digestion are always on my mind
  • I’ve had some health issues (ok so that’s not so fun but it’s made me so much more able to help people)


Growing up in an Italian household my love for food was sparked – how could it not be? Some of you might be thinking; pizza, pasta, bread and all the other carbs in the world and while that is true, it misses the bigger picture that took me a lot longer to appreciate. The family-oriented meals, the traditional food skills (canning, preserving, curing) and the made-from-scratch focus are a huge part of it that I didn’t learn to appreciate until University. Now I respect the vital importance of cultural food-ways, and traditional foods and hope to integrate this knowledge with my clients and their background.


Ironically, while I was in school for nutrition, I was the least healthy I’ve ever been! I struggled with adult acne, digestive issues, and more. Meanwhile I was juggling schoolwork, being on my own for the first time, cooking, commuting times, and a social life; it wasn’t easy. I also found myself falling into fad diets, taking shortcuts and ignoring my body’s cues. Looking back today, my body was trying SO hard to tell me what was going on, here are a few examples of symptoms I experienced:


  • extremely cold all the time
  • diarrhea
  • chronic fatigue
  • missed periods
  • hair loss
  • brittle nails
  • adult cystic acne


PLUS, I was ignoring the objective FACTS that I had on hand;


  • eating a low quality protein diet
  • eating empty calories and nutrient void foods
  • not eating balanced meals
  • family history of Celiac disease, and other autoimmune disease
  • low variety in my diet
  • not eating enough!

Putting all of these pieces together once I began my Master’s program is when things finally started to change for the better.  At this time, I was working at a natural health foods and supplements store along with a private practice Dietitian and began taking more holistic and functional look at what was going on with my body. Through learning how to do research I started to dig deeper into the body’s built-in systems, human biology, nutrient-disease interactions and finally started to get a handle on my health and nutrition and yes- digestion. Integrating my science background with a holistic mindset allowed me to dig deeper and get to where I am today. I was not only able to heal my gut health, support my thyroid and rid my adult acne, I was able to address the root cause concerns and transform my health through food. My goal is to help guide you to do the same!


Throughout my journey I have had many experiences that have helped to shape me and that I hope to bring to the table while counselling my clients with their own concerns. Here are some examples of what I can assist you with;


  • supplement recommendations (assist in selecting vitamins/minerals, herbs can support one’s health)
  • women’s health, hormone health, pre/postnatal nutrition, family nutrition
  • post-op surgery and recovery
  • chronic kidney disease, hemodialysis support
  • diabetes, chronic disease, autoimmune disease
  • eating disorders
  • diet protocols or therapeutic diets (Keto, Paleo, WAHLS, allergies, Celiac)
  • weight loss, balanced eating
  • acne, skin conditions, eczema, psoriasis
  • digestion, IBS, crohn’s, colitis
  • integrating cultural food skills


Nutrition is an ever-evolving field and now more than ever, it can be complicated and inflated with so many conflicting resources online. Nutrition is highly individual as it depends on your individual circumstances and needs. My goal is to learn more about what your goals are and how we can work together to achieve them.


Through combination of my personal experiences, education, research and my honest curiosity and care for others, I hope to assist and uplift my clients through proper nourishment and leave them with lasting, practical everyday skills so they can thrive.


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