About Tracy - Kyle Byron - Toronto Nutritionist
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Tracy, Registered Dietitian

I am a sport Dietitian. I help recreational and pro athletes win. My clients eat better to gain a competitive advantage and ensure optimal health.

Book a session with me if you want to get fitter, stronger, and faster.

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“Tracy has helped me reach my Triathlon goals in a sustainable way that doesn’t interfere with my training. She is very dedicated and passionate – not only about her work, but also her clients. I highly recommend her!”

Tracy’s Story

Hi! My name’s Tracy and I’m extremely competitive and love to win. Although I wasn’t particularly sporty or athletic growing up for a multitude of reasons – financial, cultural, social, etc – I found my love for sports and physical activity in my teen and young adult years. And I also get the same satisfaction when a client succeeds at their sport goals! So as much as you want to win, I want to win too!!! That’s why I haven’t stopped taking courses in sport nutrition. I will soon be one of the few in the world with the IOC Sports Nutrition credential.


I’ve worked with a variety of athletes including hockey players, triathletes, swimmers, gymnasts, and baseball players. And I also help just as many “regular people” like moms and dads who want to perform better, lose weight, or just feel better. So it’s ok if you are a late-bloomer when it comes to sports or nutrition.


My job is to work with you to find the balance between fuelling and enjoying food. Making informed choices can completely change your energy levels, physique, and health status. Food should also be enjoyable. It’s a way to connect with loved ones and tastes SO good!


I’m very thankful to have a healthy relationship with food, but it hasn’t always been that way. Similar to many other people, I’ve fallen into the trap of fad dieting in the past. So I know how clients feel, being overwhelmed with information and trying desperately to figure out their nutrition. Let me help you!

Here are some examples of nutrition related questions I can help answer:

· How many calories should I be eating to support my training?

· Should I be taking supplements? Which supplements should I be taking?

· Am I eating enough?

· Am I eating too much?

· Why am I not seeing the results from my training?

· Why am I always tired?

· How much protein should I be eating?

· How much carbohydrate should I be eating?

· What should I eat before a game or competition?

· What should I eat after a game or competition?

· What should I eat before a training session?

· What should I eat after a training session?

Most mornings you can find me at the gym getting in a lift before the workday starts, in the warmer months you can find me playing pickleball (and actively trying to recruit everyone around me to play as well), and sometimes even training for a 10k race. I also love to watch sports, particularly hockey (go Leafs!), baseball (go Jays!), figure skating, and beach volleyball to name a few.


Reach out by email if you have any questions or book an assessment with me to start getting better results, feeling better, and worrying less about food!

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