A Bit About Me - Kyle Byron - Toronto Nutritionist
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A Bit About Me

Kyle’s Story

The story of how I became fit and a fitness pro

Here is a short video about my coaching philosophies and what I eat (I had hair then, but my philosophies are the same). 

Professionally, I’ve helped about 2500 clients since 2006. I’ve got an Honours degree in Nutrition, and have worked in hospitals, clinics, and in fitness centres; and I was a serious athlete back in the day, including weight class sports like Jiu-Jitsu. Few in the business can match what I can offer you. See the faq page for more information on my credentials.

I eat healthy about 80% of the time, and exercise regularly. But there was a time when I was completely lost and unhealthy, so I probably know a bit about what you’re going through.

Going back further, as a kid, I was more interested in TV and climbing trees than I was in organized sports. I was a picky eater and ate a lot of peanut butter sandwiches. As a result I was pretty soft, but at a normal weight for my height. By about grade six I wanted to be more fit and athletic, which I think is pretty normal. My friends and I found some weights in the basement and we started lifting!

I was just making it up as I went. I didn’t have any fitness or sport mentors. It seemed like everyone was more athletic than me. I couldn’t catch a ball until I was in grade 10. So if you feel like everyone else is ahead of you, I know that feeling too! I’ve been there, and seen hundreds of people go from totally lost to totally lean.


Eventually I got good at sports. I’ve been the MVP, the “Man of the Match” and so on. It never got me any fame, money, or girls, but it meant a lot to me. It meant everything to me actually. Now a days I’m happy if I can get out of bed without being too sore, and cling to an above-average level of fitness. I am 45+ after all.

I value hard work, consistency, and skill development. Looking back at myself, or at some of my clients, it’s easy to see that human beings will do anything, if they want it bad enough. When you work with me, I’ll help you access the passion you have for your goals.

I want you to never need a person like me again.  Read on, or click here to find out more.

So by grade twelve I identified myself as a jock. In gym class, we did a unit on nutrition. I was fascinated!


I did a dietary and training experiment where my body fat went from about 18% to 10%. My rugby career continued to develop.

I wanted to become a nutritionist but at 17 I felt it was “too late” to go back and get science credits. Plus: I lacked the confidence to pursue sciences as a career.


It’s never too late to make a change in your life.


After university, a few years went by. I didn’t know what to do with my life. I was working at a recruiting firm where the boss yelled at us daily. But I learned how to talk to people…or more like: how to listen to people and inspire them.

But I wasn’t happy. I got really out of shape. Sports had just kind of disappeared out of my life. Things got worse until I decided to give up the job I hated. I bought a “one-way ticket” to England and claimed I would live there until I figured out my life.


Lesson: people usually have to be in a pretty bad place before they make a big change.


Eventually I circled back to my love of nutrition. To be industry-best I needed a degree, so I got that. It was tough getting this business off the ground, despite being as smart as the best in the business. 10 years later, here I am. Living the dream.


I want you to have a healthy life and if you work with me, I’ll use all my education and life experience to help you.


If this has struck a chord and you want to chat, call me at 416-459-9956. You can also text me at that number, or shoot me an email to [email protected].


Thank you for reading.

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