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Protein With Each Snack

May 20 2020

Protein With Each Snack

Your blood sugars were not prepared for the pandemic. Now you’re dealing with a junk food addiction that you didn’t know you had, and your kids are mad at you for eating all their granola bars. Sound familiar? You’re one of millions of people with a snacking problem.


I hear people casually say, “I snack too much,” and I don’t bother telling them that they are exhibiting disordered eating. That diagnosis doesn’t exactly win you any friends or build client rapport. But if you are regularly over-eating to cope with stress, that is disordered to some extent. You might not realize that because over-eating is so common. And in these pandemic times, we are all struggling with mental health.


Breaking the snacking cycle is easier than people think. And it starts with adding things to your nutrition, not taking things away.


There are two types of cravings. “Biological” and “Emotional”.  Emotional cravings are due to stress, anxiety, PTSD, associations, and so on. They can take years to fix. But most people snack too much because of Biological cravings, which can be fixed in a day. As I said – it’s about your blood sugars.

Your blood sugars will go wild if you choose these common snacks:
  • A piece of fruit
  • Granola bar
  • Flavoured Non-Greek yogurt
  • A pastry or bagel
  • Crackers
  • A glass of juice


You feel good for a few minutes. Your insulin spikes, then your blood sugars come crashing down, and you get cravings when you don’t actually need the calories.


This is a Biological craving, and these food choices just lead to more bad food choices.


How do you fix it? Easy. You eat protein with your snacks. The protein slows the digestion of the snack; this reduces insulin spikes, your blood sugars don’t crash, and you aren’t subject to cravings.

Adding protein to your snacks is a profound change. But what does it look like specifically?

Chia pudding set up

Chia pudding

Hard cheese, fruit and veg

Leftover chicken, peppers, broccoli, honey mustard dip (salad dressing)

Whole milk. A simple snack that most people don’t consider. Much more balanced than a piece of fruit, granola bars, etc.

Plain Greek yogurt and fruit, almonds. You can use Cottage cheese here as well, and just select whatever fat percentage you like best.

Hard boiled eggs (1 or 2) with fruit

Here are some other benefits to eating protein with your snacks:

  • Increased metabolism – protein has the highest metabolic effort to digest AND it improves muscle recovery – which increases metabolism. Increased metabolism helps with fat loss.
  • Increased satiety (fullness) – protein digests slowly and makes us feel full longer than carbs or fat of the same calories
  • Increased perceived energy – as a result of slow digestion, our blood sugars are more stable, and this avoids the “mid-afternoon crash” that most people experience
  • Decreased sugar cravings – thanks again to slow digestion and blood sugars

Want to learn even more about snacks? 

Try my online course. It has a free preview, so clicking below won’t cost you anything.

My online course on Snacks will teach you:


  • What’s a perfect snack look like?
  • What’s a “good” or “decent” snack?
  • What are “emergency” snacks?
  • What would a “treat” look like?
  • When to have snacks
  • And why


I employ videos, photos, diagrams, and text to reach various learning styles.


AND  When you purchase the course, you can reach out to me if you have any questions or feedback.


ALSO you get access to my private Facebook group for serious eaters. Perfect for that social support to get us through times like these.


I’m offering a special rate right now, to help out everyone during these hard times: $10. For me to teach you this lesson in a session will cost you $50 to $100. And someday this course will cost $25 or more.


$10 to improve your snacking, reduce cravings, avoid the Quarantine 15!




Stay safe out there.

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