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Red Meat Facts and Risks

Dec 17 2015

Red Meat Facts and Risks

  • Everyone relax. It’s good for you.
  • It’s the fat (which you can remove or have in moderation) that you have to worry about. Animal fat is high in saturated fat and we should only have one meal per day that is high in saturated fat. Our other meals should have other fats like nuts, olive oil, avocado.
  • Black BBQ grill marks on the meat can cause cancer.
beef and kale

The right way to eat red meat: Small-farm raised, lean, baked, possibly leaner if visible fat removed. Eaten with a huge pile of kale to help digestion.

  • Intestinal issues can arise from not chewing red meat enough, or eating it without vegetables, (picture trying to push a rubber ball through a garden hose). Over time, that stress might cause tears or diverticuli (pockets that can get infected). And if that’s left unchecked, you may require intestinal removal.

In the headline-making studies that link red meat to death, the research cannot control for things like how much people chew, if they eat vegetables with the meat, how burned the meat was, or how much fat was cut off.

In other words, the research cannot accurately say anything about red meat and disease, in my opinion.

But they followed a few thousand people for years, not capturing the full story, and came up with this:

Eating red meat more than a few times a week, increases the chances of death from all causes by 10%.

We/they don’t know why! The studies prove no cause and effect. But it’s probably the saturated fat (heart disease), or that it was bbq’d at high heat (cancer).

What to do:

  1. Eat lean red meat a few times a week
  2. Eat fatty red meat a few times a month and cut as much fat off as you can, and don’t worry about it
  3. Always eat veggies with your meat
  4. If you eat meals high in saturated fat, only do it once a day MAX, and have healthy fats at all other meals
  5. Have fish or fish oil every day
  6. Don’t burn red meat
  7. Chew your meat until it’s the consistency of mashed potatoes
  8. Don’t ever listen to the mainstream when it comes to nutrition and fitness
The wrong way to eat red meat (High fat, burned, highly processed source, no veg)

The wrong way to eat red meat (High fat, burned, highly processed source, no veg)

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