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Camp and Cottage Essentials

Jul 29 2015

Camp and Cottage Essentials


Going up north leads to fewer opportunities for tissue rehab, exercise, and healthy eating. 

Here’s what I bring to camp to get the job done.


TRX resistance training system

TRX resistance training system











One can only do push ups and split squats for so long. Eventually you need to do some pulling exercises. You can use a tree branch for chin ups but most of my clients aren’t strong enough for this.

The TRX system not only gives you a few “pulling” options like rows, single arm rows, and bicep curls; it has dozens of fun and effective exercises! They cost about $250 but there are knock-offs for much less.

Try doing a day of only pulling movements, and the next day, do pushing movements like TRX push ups and tricep extensions.

I like to do a solid TRX workout then go for a swim. It’s way harder to swim after a lifting session, so the swim is more metabolically productive!

Remember to put your treat meals after exercise!  Not after sitting around all day.


High potency fish oil pills

High potency fish oil pills











Camp cuisine isn’t exactly high in essential fats. If there was a time to have fish oil (omega three fats) this is the time!  4000 mg per day for small sized people. 6000 mg for large sized people.  You can’t take liquid oils camping, unless you can keep them cool (or it will spoil). Pills, however, can tolerate warm temperatures for a week or so.  Fish oils are essential for fat loss, inflammation control, mood regulation, nerve health, and more. A week might cost you about $10-$20.



Lacrosse ball - not a toy!

Lacrosse ball – not a toy!











Camping can be hard on the joints (sleeping on the ground, hauling firewood, hiking, falling off small cliffs that were dancing platforms, etc.). Maybe you’ve used a foam roller, but they are too big to take camping. A lacrosse ball is effective and really small. Use it on the dock first thing in the AM and before your workouts. Main areas to roll will be gluts, upper back, and front of hip (hip flexors). Also great for inside of knee (VMO), shoulders, traps, etc.  $5. Google “Kelly Starrett” for videos with lacrosse balls.




Equal parts greens and creatine

Equal parts greens and creatine











Vegetables aren’t exactly plentiful while camping. So dehydrated veg powder (also known as “greens” powders) are a decent alternative for short periods of time. The one I sell also has dehydrated fruits.

I mix this powder with creatine. Creatine preserves muscle mass when not training, or when not training optimally. So indirectly, creatine is keeping my metabolism high, to deflect late-night beer and Doritos.

I take this supplement with my morning water, which is 1/2-1 Litre before breakfast.

Per week this will cost you about $5-$10



Don’t underestimate:

  • The benefit of a short workout
  • A cup of vegetables (especially if you only get 1-2 cups a day)
  • Having a small treat instead of a big treat
  • Training hard and eating healthy before and after a vacation


It’s the little things, done consistently, that make the difference. 





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