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Getting Unstuck

Jan 09 2015

Getting Unstuck

This is a big part of success, because as humans, we get stuck a lot. We are prone to plateauing, repeating mistakes, frustration, doing short term fun things that harm us long term, and sometimes the worst thing: not knowing what to do.

Being stuck sucks.

My job is to un-stick people. But if you don’t have a coach for yourself, try this:

Make a list of everything you haven’t tried, not matter how ridiculous, costly, or difficult it sounds.

You can work on making these things easier. But for now, just make the list. Brainstorm. Don’t filter.

For example, take my nagging groin injury. Here is a list I made the other day after I had a meltdown of frustration.

  1. 2 h of rehab a day
  2. Discontinue biking. Maybe that was re-injuring me?
  3. $750 shockwave therapy
  4. Rolfing (I don’t know what this but it is a thing)
  5. Yoga 5x a week
  6. Abstaining from alcohol
  7. Get an inspirational tattoo
  8. Going 100% paleo
  9. Make a commitment to a colleague
  10. Hiring a physiotherapist as a personal trainer 2-3x a week
  11. Calling my friend and fitness expert Ron


I felt better immediately. I could see there were many things I hadn’t tried.

I doubt I will go 100% paleo and do 2 h of rehab a day. I’ve been down the all-or-nothing road and it’s a cul du sac. So I know that’s not the answer. But trending toward that is the answer. Doing more positive things. Committing even more. Stop riding my bike. That’s easy.

If something isn’t working, you have to try something new.

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