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Low Carb High Protein Noodles

Low Carb High Protein Noodles

If you’re into noodles AND losing body fat, you have to reconciling these things.

Strategies include portion control and sports nutrition (nutrient timing) but nobody’s perfect, and once in a while it’s nice to just say, “Hey I’m going to eat this big bowl of noodles.” If it’s pasta, you’re looking at 600 calories from carbs and maybe the meal is 1000 calories.

If they are these noodles, you’re looking at 100 calories from carbs and the meal might get up to 400 or 500 — calories from protein and fat, which means BALANCE!

A client showed me this product. It is technically a noodle, but it’s chemically more like eating chicken and fibre supplements. I’m sure it tastes better than that combo! I just wanted to give you context of it’s composition.

bean noodles 2











Here is the food label. 15 grams of carb might seem a bit high for a me touting it to be low-carb, but keep reading. See the 11 g of fibre? That means the serving only has 4 g of starch or sugar – the carbs that yield calories. 16 calories. The 11 g of fibre have no calories. That’s like a big bowl of oatmeal worth of fibre.


And 23 g of protein, that’s crazy. I was shocked. You only need 30 (pretty much) to have an ideal meal. Big guys who lift might need up to 60 g.

bean noodles 1










One potential downside was that the client reported it gave him gas. That is common with legumes. I suggested rinsing the product off with water after it was cooked. That might help.

It’s so high in fibre though, if the intestines aren’t use to it, gas might be inevitable.


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