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Corporate Food Lies

Corporate Food Lies

Kd liesI saw this in the grocery store the other day and felt like blowing it up.

Here’s a link to the conversation about it on my facebook but below is my main point:

“The fact that the product has the word ‘dinner’ in the title can make people assume that they only require what’s inside the box to make a complete meal which is absolutely absurd. Kraft dinner as a small portion in a meal that has a fist of protein and 2 cups of vegetables is fine. Probably.

My main concern is food marketers playing on the ignorance of the general population who do not understand that a whole wheat processed carbohydrate is not much different than a non whole wheat one. Chemically speaking they are almost exactly the same. The whole wheat version might have 5% or 10% more fiber, meaning like, 1 gram more. (To be healthy you need about 30 grams a day)

The corporate food companies are publicly traded and therefore have to produce an increase in profits every quarter. They can do this in only a few ways: decreasing the quality of the product, increasing the price, or by creating new demand. This box falls in the latter category. What’s more is that the company will charge a higher price for the whole wheat product even though it may actually cost less to produce. Once again leaving the customer abused.

Changing topics once again I could discuss how this product is calorically dense and how calorically dense meals are obesegenic which is an epidemic right now.”

So when you see an ad for a food company giving money to sports, or that their foods are healthy, I want you to be extremely skeptical. Corporate food is part of the problem. Supporting local agriculture by buying direct from the farmer is the solution.

If you would like an alternative for Kraft Dinner, why not boil some sweet potatoes and have a small side of cheddar cheese. Then as noted above please be sure to have protein and veggies with each meal.

Another way I make Kd an acceptable thing to eat, b/c I do enjoy it, I add a can of tuna, a green or red pepper, and a few sun dried tomatoes.  I also discard about 1/3 of the pasta before I cook it.

As always feel free to post comments on my facebook wall if you want to have a friendly debate or debunk a myth.

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