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BBQ Tips – Flip and Rotate

BBQ Tips – Flip and Rotate

My Dad’s barbeque was sold to him by a “friend” for $100. Any money we saved was subsequently wasted on burned meat.


This grill has more hot and cold spots than Brett Favre’s career. If that metaphor means nothing, try this one: This grill has more hot and cold spot than Tinder (so I’ve heard).


The only consistent thing about this grill is that it has never been predictable.


One day I took it apart and cleaned the burners with an old ice pick – patiently pushing through the dozens of burner holes that were sealed with corrosion. Image from The Family Handyman. I didn’t remove the burner. I even vacuumed out the base.


bbq clean



















Unfortunately the only performance change was now the hot spots were hotter. Wonderful.
The solution came to me in a moment of Zen, as I watched a hummingbird strafe around a bouquet, drawing from each flower then moving on.


It was not the grill that needed to change — it was me.



And thus I invented clockwise BBQ rotation! (Which later I learned I didn’t invent it, but you should still know about it).



I laid the meat on the grill in grid pattern, but left one area vacant. Think of a tic-tac-toe board with only one blank spot left. (Stock image used, I wasn’t photographing this adventure).

Pork meat grill BBQ












At one minute, I rotated (not flipped) a steak into the empty spot, thus creating a vacant spot where it had been. I pulled a steak into that spot, and so on, until each steak had rotated.


I did this every minute, thus, exposing each piece of meat to a different level of heat! Each steak was exposed to the average heat produced by the grill.


I am one with that grill.




Flip your meat at the desired time, but maintain your rotation order. It may be easiest to flip and rotate at the same time by flipping the meat next to the empty spot on the grill.

Flipping more than once may burn the outside and leave the middle under-cooked. It may also dry-out your meat.


Continue rotating the meats every 30-60 seconds, now that they are cooking on the other side.



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