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My Non-Preachy 2014 Goal Setting Post

My Non-Preachy 2014 Goal Setting Post

I suppose I should write something for my followers, but I don’t want it to be some predictable NYE thing. It should be something uplifting because most people do feel refreshed and motivated today, so I should support that. But it can’t be preachy. It also has to be research-based.


This is a tough one.


Kyle’s 2014 Top Five Things About New Years (Not New Year’s)


First of all I want you to know that I care about you. I care that you are moving toward what you want in life. I care because if I helped you, it gives my life meaning. It means all the education and hell I went through to be a nutritionist was worth it. It means I’m good at something, which feels nice. Also my clients inspire and motivate me. And overall, personal relationships mean a lot to me.


So, Thank you.


See how I know exactly what makes me tick? Some of it is my ego, but hey, nobody’s perfect.


#1 What do you care about? Dig deep on this one.

goals on wall


If you want to quit smoking, why? Because you don’t want to die? Ok but why don’t you want to die? Seems obvious, but what are you living for? What makes you happy? Access this.


Even better — put it on your wall.


What makes you feel pain? Know this and steer away from it. Both knowing and steering away are difficult. Usually people adopt coping mechanisms instead of dealing with this. A coach and a journal are good places to start here.


I live for personal relationships, swimming, and sailing with my friends and girlfriend/partner. Pretty much everything I do is to that end.


Me doing what I love

Me doing what I love

So #1 is to know what you care about and also what hurts you.


But the action step isn’t put my bathing suit on. It’s to put myself in the position to do that.


The action step is write this blog and check my schedule. Workout and eat right so I can set the example for my followers.



2. Figure out what to do first.


If your goal is eating better, do you know how to do that? Do you have the food in your house? Have you got rid of the unhealthy food around you?


To illustrate this point:


Be Happy - go!

Be happy – go! …Where?

My friend just texted me, “My goal for 2014 is to be happy.”  If you know anything about goal setting, this is a terrible goal. It’s utterly vague.


There is nothing specific about “be happy.” She might know what she has to do, but humans tend to toil aimlessly when there is no specific instruction.


Plus the goal might have her taking on too many things at once.


Boil your goal down until you have an action step. Achieve it, celebrate, and set another action step.


By the way, it doesn’t cost anything to sit down with me and discuss your goals. Pick up your phone and call me any time.


3. Leverage motivation.


Today you are probably motivated to change something. A fresh start is a nice feeling. Letting go of the past! Go take action. Do it now! Stop reading this and go!


Motivation gets you moving, habits keep you moving. True story. 


4. Get accountability.


So cliche but this is so important. Every year I see how much more important it is. So I built an online community of my clients and run low-cost or free group sessions so my clients can get more accountability and support. I’m launching a software that is going to help clients stay focused.


I train harder in groups. That's me in the red struggling to get up. And loving it.

I train harder in groups. That’s me in the red struggling to get up. And loving it. At Fuel Training Club.

Group classes, one on one coaching, fitness buddies, signing up for a race, making a bet with someone… all of these are helpful.




5. New Year Ritual.


Set some long-term goals. Post them on the wall.


Then say good-bye to some old habits or relationships etc. that are holding you back and you’ve worked on a lot. Things you don’t need any more. Write them down and burn the paper. If you feel cathartic, run with it. Make it rain!  My sister and Krista Scott-Dixon both told me to do this one.


To sum it up, know what makes you tick, put it out there for you to look at. Take small steps and get some people around you to help. Have a little ritual and you’re all good to go for this year.


All the best in 2014. I’m off to the gym, entirely motivated by you.

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