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How to Manage a Holiday Party

How to Manage a Holiday Party

This article assumes:

1. You are trying to stay in shape or get in shape

2. You are going to eat some treats and have a few drinks at some parties.



For each party, pick a strategy:

Are you going to eat anything you want?


Are you going to use moderation?


Are you going to be strict?



I plan ahead to dictate this. If I have a lot of social events, I make some of them loose, and some of them strict or moderate. I eat the most treats at the parties with the best food.



Another way I decide when to have my treats is the context of the party. I’m pretty sure when I die, I’m not going to regret drinking whiskey with my dad on xmas eve. But I do regret or avoid drinking on idle Tuesdays.


Hydrate the day before and the day of. Once you start grazing and drinking booze, it’s difficult to hydrate. Dehydration means bad hangovers, which leads to skipping workouts. Being hydrated is evidenced by light yellow or clear urine, and having to void about every 1-2 hours.


Train hard before treat meals. This is the best thing you can do. It deflects a lot of the calories you’re about to eat.

Toronto Nutritionist


See a doctor before the following this exercise advice. Training hard means reaching heart rates of 220 beats per minute, minus your age (220-age 40 = max HR 180). Try putting a treadmill on the max incline and running on it for 20 seconds at a time. Repeat until the force of gravity exceeds your ability to sit or stand. Good. Now go drink 1-2 L of water then eat whatever you want.


If you want to go strict, here are some strategies:

  1. Bring your own healthy food.
  2. Show up just after you’ve eaten a healthy meal and you feel satisfied or slightly full.
  3. Focus on your friends and not the junk food.
  4. Do not look at, or smell, the junk food. It will increase cravings. Food manufacturers work hard to make you crave their product.
  5. Associate failure with the temporary nature of a treat.


Happy Holidays!

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