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My Favourite Motivational Videos

My Favourite Motivational Videos

I always tell my clients that I am not immune to struggle. I have my life (and health) pretty much figured out, but I need support from time to time, like anyone else.

I sometimes watch motivational videos. They help me train harder, calm down, or they give me perspective. These videos are meaningful to me, and maybe they will spur you along today.


This is a classic. A paratrooper who took a beating, got low, but then made a huge body transformation thanks to an unlikely mentor: a pro wrestler gone yogi.


Say what you will about Arnold Schwarzenegger’s personal indiscretions, acting, or political schemes; he knows a thing or two about success. Six things actually.


If you played a sport between 1999 and a few years ago, you probably had this going in the locker room. It highlights the importance of extremely small achievements, which is the key to any long-term project, such as a body transformation. Fun fact, I can recite this word for word.


Tony Robbins isn’t a 1990’s infomercial flunky. He is one of the best coaches in the world. This video can help you understand why you do things, and thus, make changes.


Probably the best movie montage. I’m tempted to watch it now, but if I do, I immediately train really hard, and it’s my day off, so I can’t.


If your favourite isn’t up here, post in the comments or email me the links. Thanks!

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