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Success Tips

Dutch Pastry
Jun 30 2015

Calorie Counting

Food labels are usually fairly inaccurate (enough to disrupt potential gains). Our estimations of our metabolic rates are not accurate, and they change day to day (so even if you're a great calorie counter, you might have the wrong goal)....

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How Heavy Do I Lift?

The weight should be so heavy that you can only move it 10 times in a row. (10 "reps" in gym-speak). If you can lift it for more than ten reps, it's not lifting weights any more; it's cardio. Cardio is good for you but we're talking about lifting for now.   That said, technically, there are many  set and rep ranges.  5 sets of 5 reps 4 sets of 15 reps 3 sets of 8 reps But you can get great results with three sets of 10 reps and it's easy to...

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Kb Jumps Around, Gets Fitter

  They say the older you get, things get taken from you. Unless, that is, you learn new modalities like soft tissue release and joint distraction. Then you can get older and be better at the same time. I found this out at Fuel Training Club, and I want to pass along the cool stuff I've learned.  In January 2014 I started training there 4-5x a week. Full disclosure of affiliation: we promote each other, so technically I am bias. But everything I'm writing here is true. It's intense lifting and cardio. Here...

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