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Avocados! The Fatty Fruit

You should treat avocados like a fat. Your basic avocado has about 20-30 grams of the succulent stuff, depending on its size. This is handy since that's the correct fat portion for a low carb meal, if you're into that.  Another way to control their portion is to mash it up. Half a cup is 18 grams of fat. They taste great with a bit of salt and pepper, they're amazing on salads, or as a dip. See below for recipes. Their fat profile is very healthy. Kinda like a nut. In terms...

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BBQ Tips – Flip and Rotate

My Dad’s barbeque was sold to him by a “friend” for $100. Any money we saved was subsequently wasted on burned meat.   This grill has more hot and cold spots than Brett Favre's career. If that metaphor means nothing, try this one: This grill has more hot and cold spot than Tinder (so I've heard).   The only consistent thing about this grill is that it has never been predictable.   One day I took it apart and cleaned the burners with an old ice pick – patiently pushing through the dozens of burner holes...

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Food Safety 101

I tell all my clients to batch-cook, or at least make enough dinner for leftovers. I'm sure to warn them about food poisoning. Any time you eat leftovers, there is the risk that you end up writhing around on the floor exploding your insides out from both ends. Or worse. In 1999 20 Canadians died of food poisoning, that we know of. More likely were misdiagnosed. Every year 15%-30% of Canadians get food poisoning. Considering it often goes unreported or misdiagnosed, I wonder if it's more like 50%. This article will help...

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